Smart Wallets Take Over: Ethereum Update Enables Automated Payments & More

• Ethereum developers have released a new feature called EntryPoint that allows wallet accounts to act as smart contracts.
• This feature, called account abstraction, enables wallets to handle more complex tasks automatically and makes them more accessible and intuitive for users.
• EntryPoint is a security-audited smart contract necessary for implementing account abstraction features on various ethereum-based protocols.

Ethereum Introduces New Feature: EntryPoint

Ethereum developers have launched a new software feature called EntryPoint, which allows wallet accounts to function as smart contracts. The goal of this new feature is to bring so-called „account abstraction“ – an optional feature offered by crypto wallet providers rather than a protocol-level change in cryptocurrencies like Ethereum. Account abstraction enables wallets to handle complex tasks automatically without requiring users to interact with the underlying blockchain, improving the user experience of crypto wallets and making them more accessible and intuitive.

Security Auditing Of EntryPoint

After undergoing thorough security auditing by OpenZeppelin, EntryPoint was released and is now available on multiple blockchain networks including Ethereum, Polygon, Arbitrum and BNB Chain. This enables account abstraction on all those ethereum based protocols. The safety of the whole architecture relying on account abstraction relies heavily on how securely it is implemented in one contract – the EntryPoint contract.

Features Of Account Abstraction

Account Abstraction provides several features such as automated payments, two factor authentication recovery options, native multi signatures and gas fee coverage for users through wallet apps. All these features are enabled by EIP 4337 which describes advanced features such as automated payments and two factor authentication recovery options when using entrypoint smart contracts.

Benefits Of Account Abstraction

Account abstraction offers several benefits for users such as improved user experience due to its intuitive design, easier access due to automated processes within wallets and increased security due to safer implementation of smart contracts like entrypoint which ensure safe execution of transactions across different blockchain networks in real time .


In conclusion, Ethereum’s new feature – Entry Point – brings significant improvements in terms of both user experience and security when dealing with cryptocurrency transactions across different blockchains via wallets that use Account Abstraction technology. Through this technology it becomes easier to manage complex tasks safely while still providing improved user experience with its intuitive design making it easy for even novice users access their funds quickly without much hassle or risk associated with dealing with underlying blockchain technology directly.